My Reason to Fight: Rebeca

Rebe's fight through my eyes: 

Update December!


"Once you choose hope, anything's possible." Rebeca is a fighter. That doesn't even begin to cover it! She was given the diagnosis of AML, a hard Leukemia to beat(usually diagnosed in men over the age of 70). But she has conquered this disease! It has been a few months since the doctor officially said she was in remission. She had a successful bone marrow transplant in April & was out the hospital by June. She was able to have her real childhood back in time for summer, with restrictions, but she was a kid again! It was a horrible battle but even through all of the doubts she beat all the odds! She had to go through hurtful infections, the hardest of chemos, surgeries, isolation, and a bunch of other stuff! But through it all, she came out a champ! On Dec. 5 it was the anniversary of her diagnosis. It's been a tough battle and with all of the thoughts and prayers she is the winner! Although it will take 5 years to officially call her cancer free, she is so strong and those years will fly by! I wanted to thank you all for all your prayers and help to cheer her up through the Selena Gomez autograph, it made her just glow and lifted her spirits! Her doctor has given her the okay to travel, but not too far. So with that, I'm hoping to surprise her and take her to the Selena Gomez concert at Borderfest in March (hopefully even get meet &greet, but I'll have to see what we have to do to get those)! I wanted to take her to Disney & LA but it was too early to take that far. Hopefully soon I will be able to accomplish all of her dreams because she desirves it more than anyone! Also, her hair is growing back(she looks ADORABLE) and is back in school! There is just such a difference, she looks and feel healthy again! She is happy again! Please keep praying for to keep getting better and cancer free!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dear Rebe,

My little fighter, we're getting close to you're 11th birthday. It's crazy how in just one year so much has happened. From the weeks following your birthday & you feeling sick, to your diagnosis of leukemia (AML). From intense chemo to infections and many painful days, you stayed strong, never giving up! I am so very proud to call you my cousin. All of the prayers and your fighting spirit led to a successful bone marrow transplant. Even with the difficulty of being in isolation and slow but steady recovery, you made it! It is incredible how the doctor said gave such low thoughts but each way through the process you overcame each obstacle. Today you are able to return to school and play with other kids. You are free from the house and hospital! You can take that drive and live a long & prosperous life. God kept you on this earth for a reason, a reason unknown, but bound to be spectacular! So live your life without fear and keep your hopes up, in just a few years you will be considered CANCER FREE! You don't know how much you mean to me, you are#myhero ! I will never stop fighting to keep your dreams alive and hopes high. I will never stop fighting for a cure to that horrible disease that halted your life. I will never stop loving you. I will never stop being proud to call you my cousin. You are my little fighter, my little hero, my little cousin, but in no way shape or form do you have a little heart, or a little brain. I say this now and forever more, you are my ultimate hero!

I love you with all my heart,

Monday, August 16, 2010

UPDATE August 17, 2010 :)

Rebeca is doing soooo GREAT! It has been roughly 3 months since her bone marrow transplant, and all signs are good! I got to see her about a month ago, and shes just such a happy kid(she can finally be a real kid again!). We got to swim, go to see movies, hang out outside with family, all those little things that children with Leukemia & other cancers can't do. She's even starting to grow her hair out and it looks so cute! It's been such a blessing seeing her so happy. I thank everyone for all their prayers because god is really listening! I'll keep everyone posted!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Please Pray!

Next Tuesday(April 13th) Rebeca is having her Bone Marrow Transplant. She has been admitted to the hospital today. Her brother(who is giving the bone marrow) goes in on Friday. This surgery is very crucial & scary, so I'm asking for your prayers. Please pray that she and her brother come out okay & that the surgery goes well, & so the leukemia will be gone and she can go into remission!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rebe Update 3/23/2010

Rebeca is doing very well as of now! She is going to have her bone marrow transplant in the upcoming weeks so please pray everything goes well!

I recently got to visit Rebe & was finally able to give her the autographs that Selena Gomezpersonally signed for her! Thanks to everyonewho helped make this possible!

Here she is with a few of the autographs: